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 Question for you guys 

Would you give up your 2005 playoff run for a single bowl game instead?
Yes 42%  42%  [ 18 ]
No 58%  58%  [ 25 ]
Total votes : 43

 Question for you guys 
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Anyone notice the FCS playoff games are all on the ESPN Gameplan package you have to pay for? If this is the format goin forward I'm all for moving up and at least having a couple games on TV a year on ESPN2 or FSN. If they are only going to show playoff games on ESPN Gameplan from now on, well that finishes off FCS teams as far as a basic cable package.

Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:18 pm
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patssle wrote:
And if we beat A&M that year, what would most people outside of the SLC remember? The playoff run, or a victory over A&M?

The win over A&M.

But...what matters more to you...what others think about your athletics or you experiencing what it is?

Is it more important to you that people know of Texas State when they see it in a bowl game...or that your rushing your field after winning in the playoffs and about to go to the national championship?

Oh to me personally, I loved rushing the field for those three games and I absolutely loved that exciting playoff run (or that whole season for that matter), and to answer your question the way it was phrased: no I would not trade that for a bowl game. Does that mean I'm against the move? No. Because I would love to rush the field again after another great season in the FBS culminating in a nationally televised bowl game. At least this time everyone in the nation will see me running onto the field.

As for what other people think about the athletics department, I believe it is just as important what they think as what I experienced in the past:
Because those "other people" are...

Potential recruits (in all sports) that will see something they like they would otherwise have not seen before. Now our sports programs begin to attract better recruits and raise the performance level of the entire athletics department.

Wealthy alumni who seem to have rekindled their interests after watching their alma matter on national tv. Now the funds from the alumni association start pouring leading to a bigger athletics department budget, donations for better facilities, and also contributions increasing the fund balance of the academics side as well thus increasing the academic prestige of the university.

The average joe, or the now re-born alumni, who further spread the notoriety of the university in off-hand conversations (word of mouth can do quite a lot) with friends and family which leads to an increase in merchandising sales which only pumps more money into the university.

The academic non-sports student who is now aware of a university he/she may not have considered before (or heard about) which further strengthens the academics of the university and its prestige. And with more money to go around, more scholarships become available to reel these students in.

With a stronger academic front and the positive buzz from the alums and average joes comes more respect from the legislature and the BOR when allocating funds for the universities further strengthening everything all around.

So yeah I believe what other people think is very important as it could really shed some light on this university which has been sitting in the dark waiting to be awakened. Now, will all those things come to pass if we move up, maybe not, but one cannot deny that this university would attract many more eyes that it ever did before.


Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:02 pm
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