Is it time for Dr. Teis' tenure to end?
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Author:  treacherous [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:57 am ]
Post subject:  Is it time for Dr. Teis' tenure to end?

In Dr. Larry Teis' three years as Athletic Director, he has done what I view as credible damage to the University's Athletic department. While he may have ended the Bookstore scandal nonsense and the rule breaking and illegal behaviour taking place during the Matsakis/LaFleur era, he has also stopped any progress that was being made in its tracks.

In my view, he has shown a direct disdain for Texas State, its athletes, its coaches, and most importantly, its fans.

* When hired in January 2004, Dr. Teis espoused that the baseball/softball complex was going to be the Athletic Department's number one priority. Since then, there has been no formal fund raising effort, no public announcements of a timeframe for completion, and absolutely zero progress made towards replacing the eyesore of a baseball stadium that currently exists on campus.

Meanwhile, Sam Houston State has already raised the money and completed construction of their baseball/softball complex. SFA has announced SPECIFIC fundraising goals and is running an Athletic Department fundraiser for their baseball/softball complex. They have already raised over 1/2 of the proposed amount needed (over $12 million).

Word out of the Athletic Department and from University President Denise Trauth is that the fund raising effort has been shifted into the University's Capital Campaign now starting to get underway. This is an unacceptably poor showing by the Athletic Department that, when faced with the task of aggressively campaigning for their own project, they balked and have now relegated themselves to riding the coattails of a University-wide campaign.

* Dr. Teis has shown that a successful athletic department is not on his priority list. Not only did he fail to propose a counteroffer to Bailiff before his departure, in my view he facilitated Bailiff's move.

When Bailiff was hired, the understanding was that the University would push towards moving to Division I-A, introduce summer scholarships for players, and offer contracts and raised salaries for assistant coaches. None of this has happened, and in fact, Teis has reportedly actively worked to prevent them.

When local business leaders got together to offer a large sum of money in order to give Bailiff and his assistant coaches bonuses after the tremendous ride they gave us in the fall of 2005, Teis wanted to take that money and put it in the Athletic Department's general fund instead. When Bailiff went out and raised money on his own for the summer scholarships, Teis took that money and diverted it to the general fund. And what's more, Teis has expressed in no uncertain terms that a move to the highest level of college football is not in the cards for Texas State as long as he is the Athletic Director.

* Dr. Teis' disdain for the fans has been shown in many ways. Not least is his complete and utter disregard for those most diehard of fans - the students and alumni that frequent

In the recent University Star article titled "Athletic officials voice concern with Web site," Teis said, “Those (message boards) don’t do anybody any good unless they’re out raising money or selling tickets or promoting."

This is the job of the Athletic Department and the Bobcat Athletic Foundation, of which Teis holds the purse strings. But while, not being an official fundraising arm of the University, does not raise as much money as the Bobcat Athletic Foundation, it has contributed to the University.

Many have indicated that this site is what kept them interested in Bobcat Athletics and got them to come to games. Others have indicated that this site helped them RETURN to Bobcat athletics. Not to mention that there are many BAF supporters that frequent

In particular, raised $1000 in no time flat to give to the Bobcat Baseball team to renovate their locker room in 2005. The Athletic Department would not support the renovation until showed that the fans were willing to help out.

* The bottom line is that Coach Bailiff left for the same reason that many die-hard Bobcat fans are now questioning their loyalty to the program...the Athletic Department under Larry Teis has no vision and I, personally, have no confidence in his ability to right the ship. It is time for new leadership in Strahan Coliseum. It is time for a someone with a vision and a passion for Texas State University.

Author:  giglstik [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:24 am ]
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Well done, and I concur.

It is evident by your astute observations that he is content with the status quo/mediocrity. Also, this "I'm in charge, and I'll make sure you remember that" attitude is not beneficial in any way.

Author:  bobcat88 [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:37 am ]
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I hold LT responsible for Bailiff leaving. I agree that it is time for him to go.

Author:  Robert_W [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:51 am ]
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Wow now that's a vote of confidence.


Author:  bobcatjh [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 10:03 am ]
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I concur as well....

Teis is a bum!!

-Justin Hopkins

Author:  Migiddy [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:07 am ]
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Is this being sent to the star? Please say yes.

Mods this may need to be a sticky :applause:

Very well said treach.

Author:  baseballnut [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:17 am ]
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Treacherous for AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author:  jecbobcat [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:25 am ]
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I sure am glad we have a board like this to shout our opinions

I think it's good that they put us int he paper like that, maybe more people will visit and see just a little insight of what is going on in the AD (even we don't know entirely)

As far as i'm concerned, we may not know everything that is going on inside the offices of the AD, but with little output thus far, it would take an explosion of progress for me to feel comfortable about the AD.

Anyone planning on writing a statement about the article? I vote my support for this to be sent in for the opinions page.

Author:  superfan [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:38 am ]
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I concur but also think that DT is as much to blame as Teis - afterall - he reports directly to her. Teis is a 'yes-man' and will not pursue hard topics like better pay for assistants and summer school money for athletics because he doesn't want to upset DT. That is why if you ever hear him talk all he does is say how great DT is and how much she does for athletics. REALLY? She does a bunch for athletics?? I am sorry, but showing up to the occasional baseball game in that goofy hat she wears and getting burned like a lobster does not equal supporting Bobcat Athletics. We are stuck in quick sand at Texas State until we have a change in leadership and that sucks BIG TIME because Texas State is such a wonderful place to go to school.


Author:  bobcatfan [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:50 am ]
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His loyalties are to TCU, not Texas State.

He just does not want us to eclipse what TCU has done.

He knows we have the potential, and does not want it to happen.

If he does want it to happen, then he is one incompetent employee.

Author:  TheRevSWT [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:27 pm ]
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Couple of things:

- I don't blame Trauth much for Teis' shortcomings. She SHOULD be concentrating on Academia. However, I do somewhat hold her accountable for her lack of prodding Teis to better our situation.

- I don't blame Teis totally for Bailiff's departure. Bailiff was offered a tidy sum to go, and given our current status, there was no way to match it. Now, one can argue (and rightfully so) that Teis is responsible for donations and managing the revenues of our Athletic Department. I would agree, but unless we were operating at MAXIMUM potential, I don't see us matching the contributions that Rice would be getting. Others might say that Bailiff would not have left and accepted less money to stay here should the promises he was rumored (I say rumored because I have no knowledge of this for certain) had been kept. This is conjecture that I really can't say would happen one way or another. I don't know Bailiff personally, so I can't say how I believe he would react. I can only think of how I would act in that situation, and that's a lot of money to turn down out of loyalty when your kids are starting to get into that "college" age.

- Having said all that (WOW), I look at how the Athletic Department has improved during his time:
    - End Zone Complex: This was near completion (if memory serves) when he took over. This is not a feather in his cap.
    - BB/SB complex: MAJOR black eye on the department as a whole, and an albatross around his neck.
    - Donations have increased. I partially attribute this to him, as he is the steward of this place, and that happened under his watch. However, I believe the inroads that Bailiff made with the community and alumni.
    - Dennis Nutt outstaying his usefulness/welcome. This speaks for itself. I understand that Nutt was under contract and that firing him would have resulted in spending money that we didn't have, but I cannot understand for the life of me how this man was not offered a reduced rate buy-out or something similar. He rivals Teis as the very definition of inept.
    - New construction on any sports related buildings (aside from the offices, which I believe also were scheduled prior to his arrival as AD). This is unacceptable. I believe we all can see that our facilities are not up to par with the rest of the SLC. There is absolutely no excuse for not initating fundraisers, going out to Alumni Association meets, listing a prioritization of items to be renovated/constructed, and working towards those goals. He has remained silent on his intentions (if he has any. I am sure he does, but to not be out there politicking, trying to get more people donating, which leaves everyone in the dark and projects an air of apathy on his part).
    - Lack of initiatives to boost attendance/school spirit at sports events that are NOT football. There ahve be a very few amount of "spirit rallies" for football, but I haven't heard of anything for the other sports. Teis should be organizing spirit groups, working with the Loud Crowd, trying to get some sort of activity before games to get people excited about cheering on the Bobcats. Baseball is doing well this year, why not capitalize on that? Basketball is showing a turnaround, why not use that as a marketing tool? Football, we have had two EXTREMELY talented ercruiting classes and in the past three years, have been in the hunt for the SLC trophy up to the last 2 weeks of the season. How long has it been since the Bobcats did that? I mean, look at just this message board, and how expectations have changed. 4 years ago, we were hoping to just not be humiliated. Now, we are looking at bringing trophies home, and pushing into the playoffs. None of this is really brought up much by the AD
    - Cleaned up the program. This I will give credit for, as he brought in Bailiff who was a by the book sort of guy. He also worked with the NCAA to make sure we were in compliance with their rules.

Given this body of work by Teis, I can only say that his tenure thus far would be deemed a failure. I can't see anyting really on his list of accolades here that would make me think "man, we need this guy as AD at insert random university here!"

Teis would earn a lot of respect in my book if he came out and admitted his dismal failure thus far, and showed a plan to get this place on the right track.

Short of that, he should be removed from his position.

Author:  Jody [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:35 pm ]
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Only 1 minor problem with RevSWT's post. LT was not the AD when Bailiff was hired. It is my understanding the Denise hired David Bailiff after their interview/meeting in Waco.

Author:  El GATO LOCO [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:50 pm ]
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bobcatalum05 wrote:
Only 1 minor problem with RevSWT's post. LT was not the AD when Bailiff was hired. It is my understanding the Denise hired David Bailiff after their interview/meeting in Waco.

So she lied about the Summer Scholarship, the move to DivI-a and better pay for his coaching staff.

Author:  treacherous [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:53 pm ]
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bobcatalum05 wrote:
Only 1 minor problem with RevSWT's post. LT was not the AD when Bailiff was hired. It is my understanding the Denise hired David Bailiff after their interview/meeting in Waco.

Yes, and the End Zone Complex was completed for the 2002 season when DeBeese was still coaching here. He had one season in it, Matsakis had one season in it, and Bailiff had 3.

The fact about athletic buildings that have been completed is an interesting one that I didn't mention in my initial post.

The ONLY capital improvement project that has been completed for Athletics since Teis took over is HIS OWN OFFICE.

There was a study done in 2004 after Matsakis and LaFleur were fired by Jack Lengyel and Mike Lude, both retired AD's at Navy and Washington, respectively. As far as capital improvement programs, there were two major improvements mentioned, and that they should be done in this order:

1. Press box for football stadium
2. Baseball/softball complex in a DIFFERENT location

I've seen this study. In fact, I'm looking at it right now. Please don't dispute the validity of my statement.

In fact, there are MANY other findings that this study made, and Teis has not followed ANY of them except for increasing BAF donation levels and putting together a priority seating plan.

If I were Mr. Lengyel or Mr. Lude, I'd be incredibly offput by the fact that my services were rendered and yet my findings were not followed.

Author:  Jody [ Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:55 pm ]
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El GATO LOCO wrote:
bobcatalum05 wrote:
Only 1 minor problem with RevSWT's post. LT was not the AD when Bailiff was hired. It is my understanding the Denise hired David Bailiff after their interview/meeting in Waco.

So she lied about the Summer Scholarship, the move to DivI-a and better pay for his coaching staff.

Lied is a very strong word, but people I have talked to(who are very close to coach) say that was part of what Coach Bailiff was promised upon coming here.

LT has also done things to stop those things from coming to fruition.

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